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As Director of Bands,
I was JUKED by Southern University's Administration.

I was ordered to federal prison for 13 months with a $78,800 restitution.
Here is my story! -Nathan B. Haymer

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Let's Talk About it!

After sitting silently for almost 6 years while all forms of media painted a narrative of me as a con-artist, it's finally my turn to speak out. By taking control of my narrative, I have reclaimed my strength and purpose!

13 Months

Spent in Prison

About Me

Nathan Haymer is an accomplished musician and music educator. As a graduate of Southern University, he's held many positions teaching and leading student musicians from elementary, middle, and high school to the collegiate level.


To thine own self be true; you can lie to me, but you cannot lie to you!


I will do my best to get back to you soon! -HaymerTime™

Thank you for your support. Proceeds from the sale of JUKED will go towards the payment of my restitution. If you would like to give more, please click the DONATE link below.


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